Race Distance and Course:

Swim Bike Run
1.9 km 90 km 21.1 km

This distance can be raced as an INDIVIDUAL or as a TEAM of 2 or 3 where  each person completes one or two legs.

Swim CourseSwim map is based on 2019 event and is subject to change

Swim Course

The swim discipline of your Ironman has never been this easy and pleasant. It begins with a rolling start from a stunning white sandy beach. Then there is the warm water (around 29 degrees) with excellent visibility (you may even spot a few colourful fish!). Don’t fret about currents or swell, as the protected bay ensures the South China sea is like a mirror on race morning. It’s like swimming in your own private pool!

For the start we ask you to seed yourself in the correct start pen based on your swim speed. Seeding yourself well, will reduce bottlenecks and provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.

The course consists of 1 lap of a triangular 1.9km swim course, with marker buoys every 50m. The swim start and finish are in close proximity to the transition area and event venue.

Bike CourseBike map is based on 2019 event and is subject to change

Download Bike .GPX file here

Bike Course

The unique one-lap course meanders anti-clockwise through the north-western part of the island.  You’ll love the villages full of enthusiastic flag-waving spectators, and enjoy the scenery as it changes from lush, dense green forest to stunning open coastline.

Rolling hills inland are alternated with fast flat sections trailing the coast. The hills are short, nothing over 60m, but numerous. The total elevation is 700m. The roads are wide with mostly smooth tarmac and low rolling resistance. There are four aid stations along the route.

Run Course

Run map is based on 2019 event and is subject to change

Download Run .GPX file here

Run Course

The 2-lap run course winds through the manicured gardens of the Lagoi Bay development, around a pretty man-made lake and through a ‘green corridor’ of dense rain forest. The run takes place on mainly concrete tracks and tarmac roads and has aid stations approximately every 1.5km. Splash tanks with cold water and showers ensure you keep your cool.

Seeing your fellow athletes on the out and back section at the far end of the run will provide some welcome cheer, as will the festive spectator ‘fan’ zones along the course.



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