Race Distance:

1.9 km90 km21.1 km

This distance can be raced as an INDIVIDUAL or as a TEAM of 2 or 3 where each does one leg.

Swim Course (NEW: beach start!)


Voted best swim course in Asia by AsiaTri in 2016, and this is why: the swim is held in a protected bay of the South China Sea, the water conditions are terrific thanks to the excellent visibility and no currents or swell. It’s like swimming in your pool, but with the benefit of the salt water buoyancy.

The water temperature is expected to be around 29 degrees Celsius, so wetsuits are not allowed. Participants have to complete 1 lap of a largely square 1.9km swim course, with marker buoys every 50m.  The swim will be started off from the beach, in multiple wave starts, split by category.

NEW this year is the Mates Wave where athletes of mixed gender and age categories can start off at the same time (for non-competitive athletes). Friends, couples, training buddies can start and race together. Note: Age category ranking still applies.

The swim start and finish are in close proximity to the transition area and event venue. And did we tell you that you start from a white sand beach fringed by waving palm trees?

Bike Course

Voted best bike course in Asia, thanks to its unique one-lap bike course that meanders through the north-western part of the island. Save for a few villages full of enthusiastic flag-waving spectators, it still lies in its natural state. The scenery changes from lush , dense green forest to wide open coastal view. Rolling hills inland are alternated with fast flat sections trailing the coast. the hills are short, nothing over 60m, but numerous. Total elevations is 700m. The roads are wide with mostly smooth tarmac and low rolling resistance.

Run Course (NEW!)

The run course has changed to enhance the run experience. The pretty man-made lake of Lagoi Bay still is featured prominently. However, the new course is reduced to a 2-lap affair, is less winding and has more varied scenery. A long out and back section also gives participants the opportunity to see their fellow athletes. And we are introducing some fun spectating spots to ensure that fewer laps does not mean less spectator support.